Tuesday, May 8, 2012

He sat on her head...

I have been busy...too busy. My pictures of life are piling up in files and not making it on here.

Anna is growing up so much. Her eyes are looking less and less blue every day. And more and more brown in the daylight. She is tracking us so well now and loving her daddy. He blows raspberries and it's her favorite.

Will is growing up so big and strong. I keep saying the potty training will commence on a week where we're not so so busy...and then things pile up. and I buy more diapers. and say "this is the LAST BOX I buy."
His favorite thing right now is the 'ABC's'. He will sing it until he is blue in the face. And he'll talk to you until you answer. And he'll climb onto you and smash your toes with his size 7 shoes in the process. There he'll sit on your legs and take your face in his hands and force you to pay attention to him. In fact, he tried to sit in Anna's lap the other day.

Let me rephrase.

He sat on her head.

And then I screamed- *ahem -raised my voice, so that he would understand the seriousness of him maiming her for life. He awkwardly hoisted himself off her tiny frame and smiled like, "What?"

This is who he has been lately.

She's an angel, of course...so far.

And now the most hilarious take from the past month.

He fell in his toy box...when he was *supposed to be* napping. Yes, I took a picture and then helped him. Bad mommy.

Here are a few more moments I hope never to forget.

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