Friday, May 20, 2011

Eating me outta house and home

So he's finally decided to walk from one place to another. Granted, it's short lived, but it's something different.
I am just amazed that in a few short months he has grown from laying peacefully in my arms to completely ransacking the house, playing in the toilets and getting cracker crumbs on every inch of my rug. He's disgusting, but in a cute way :)

He's been putting away the food too. HOKEY CHICKENS! I will say this, I'm just glad we don't live in a gingerbread house. 'Cause I'd be rollin' up in the Wal-mart parking lot and heading to the camping section to buy a tent. really. he eats more than I do.

This collaboration is a collage of two events: one, a Monday at home with daddy where he begged for a cracker (rice cake) for almost an hour and finally got one (after just finishing a huge lunch) and two, yesterday where he decided to eat 3 man-sized bowls of Cheerios and drink water from my glass. that was sitting. on the coffee table. so I guess he thought it was his? Anyway, he knows how to drink from an adult glass now...sort of. I only fill it up 1/3 of the way. Overall, you will notice that the kid is eating in every picture...if not, he's crying. Probably because he's not eating.

Tyler helped out a little with the first few, love that guy.

Drama for his mama.

This face...ohmycute. Check the tear glistening on the right :(

 He decides that he is, in fact, happy and wants to share his "cra-tter" with me.

"I LOVE my Cra-tter"
"You want some, Dad?"
That's his cutie little tushie from under the coffee table.

Wow. After that, I know. Can you even handle anymore??? Ok then. You asked for it.

 Not only does the camera love him, he loves the camera ;)

*choke, cough cough

There ya have it. Don't say I never post any pictures of him anymore ;)
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