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Yesterday was our family day. Tyler was outside grilling some porkchops, (ya, they were amazing) and I was in the kitchen cooking the rest of the meal. Will was in the kitchen floor, so I suppose that put him in my territory. But like I said, I was cooking the rest of the meal. I turned around because he'd gotten a bit too quiet and this is what I found.

I love the little bit of crusty-crust on his mouth in the big one. And yes, I snapped the one of him actually eating the dog food. But mind you, his hand was still outstretched with his eyes fixed on the kibble, right before I snapped the photo.

But come 'on, everybody needs a picture of thier kid eating dog food, right?

A lot can change in one night. My last update of my week was on a Monday night, with Will looking all cute and happy. Little did I know, this was to follow...


Not sure if he could look more pitiful if he tried.

We did start food in the next few days afterwards. He's not to fond of the whole idea, but,
hopefully it'll grow on him in time.
It's been awhile since we've been able to hang out as a little family. Summer is such a busy time in the life of a Youth Pastor. But here I sit, finally, next to my husband, the smell of Peach Cobbler drifting throughout the house. It was homemade and handmade my husband, himself. I'm so glad we got to spend this time together. My laundry didn't get done, but, Will got to play with his Daddy and I was able to have fun with both of them. It's the simplest things in life that most certainly are the best things. Here are some pictures of our day.



Best Friends
{Gabi + Elizabeth}

I've known these two for about 3 years now. But sometimes it feels like I've known them for an eternity. I mean, I feel as if I know them very well...Ha ha ha! Ok, for real. Last week on Tuesday night, my husband was gone and rather than being stuck at my house alone and sulking, I decided that I should practice my photography skills, nunchuck skills and you know computer hacking skills. Ok, just kidding, nix those last two. So I grabbed my celly, dialed my two buds up and asked if they minded *lol me "practicing" on them. Photo Shoot + two teenage girls = didn't mind at all. We had a blast. And I got some great photos to add to my portfolio ;) All in all, I believe it was a success!

Here are a few of my fav's

For more looks at thier cute pics check out my Flickr account, adelephotography :)


Picture of The Week
August 1st, '10

We had the best week together as a family. Monday, Tyler was home and we got to spend all day together (albeit, wrapping peaches...another story) we had such a great day. Tuesday after he got home, we decided we would try to get ourselves a free What-a-burger by wearing orange. Tyler didn't want to stand in line though, so our orange selves went to Panda Express instead. I didn't mind. I love their Thai Cashew Chicken! YESH!
Wednesday, church last night went well. Tyler preacher an encouraging sermon about "enduring" and explained the 4 examples given to us there. The Soldier, The Athlete, The Farmer and Jesus Christ. What a challenge, to be like Christ.
Thursday night we have a Bible study, Friday night I get to go to a Mary Kay Party! Saturday, I might get to go out with my famous photog friend, Elisa. It's going to be a good week!

{Little Miss Smiles: Lily}

I had the privilege of getting to know this gal for the first time tonight. I've known her mom a bit longer though. Her sweet Mommy, Nancy helped me while I laboured with my little guy.
She was what you'd call, my 'Doula'. I enjoyed each moment, sweet Lily. Thank you for being insane amounts of fun to photograph!

Have a great night!

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