Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010...

The warm glow of the lights and the smell of hot chocolate and bagels fill the air this morning. It was not his first Christmas, but it might as well be. 

This is the year he helped to open gifts, his face lit up with joy, and paper and boxes amuse him. This is the year we will always remember. 

My husband thoughtfully wrapped a present he knew I would enjoy. He gave me a Shootsac! Will got some black "Chuck's" and car keys that make a bunch of noise...no, I mean a bunch. And Tyler got some new Doc's. As I look around my house cluttered with gifts and memories, I think that it's over. But the best Gift isn't. The very first Gift. The most amazing Gift. The Gift that started it all.

Jesus Christ, our Gift of Salvation, that came so long ago to be born in a lowly manger, the Lamb of Christmas, the God-Man born to die, He is our Gift of gifts. He is still here and although a special Gift I accepted long ago, can still be thoroughly loved and enjoyed.

Every time I chose to speak with my blessed Saviour, or read His Love-Letter to me, I can re-open my precious gift from the very first Christmas!

Lord, help me to not lose sight of the most wonderful present ever received...Yourself.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{Lexi} | thirteen

I had to blog this session...why? Maybe because it was one of my favorites everrr...maybe because I'm obsessed with redheads...maybe it's because this girl reminds me of myself at her age. Not the gorgeousness, mind you (I wish) but more her personality.

I had the privilege of attending {Lexi's} 13th birthday party what seems like eon's ago in August? Her mother asked if I would get a few fun photos of the girls being, well, Jr. Higher's. Anyway, being short on time and daylight, we didn't get very many good ones. Feeling terrible about the fuzziness, noise and lack of light, I offered to come back at a later time and get some more of {Lexi} on her own. Her mom readily agreed and I was ecstatic. Have you seen how gorgeous she is? Tyler, Will and I headed over to Duncanville the other night and got to spend some wonderful time with their sweet family and I got to get me some serious portfolio images :)

So without any further ado, let me post some extras of my fave pics from {Lexi's} shoot!

She was having a hard time being serious at first.

She was just way too fun.

By the end she was getting really good at the 'model' look...I mean reeeeeaaally good.

I got her to laugh for a few though :)

 Check out those uber cool green nails!

Here are a few from our fun night together with the entire fam...

There are 4 girls in this family! And boy were they lovin' on the Wilburstein and he was lovin' it :)

Will got up close and personal with a hockey game, some books and one of the girls. Ashlyn just kept saying over and over, "I can't wait to be a momma!" How sweet is that?

There are 2 boys in this family and somehow I only got a picture of one of them! Sorry Grant, please know that you are loved, over there on your Playstation. This is Garret. He loves his "church clothes" so much so that he gets his Sunday outfit ready...on Monday night. And when he finally gets to church on Sunday, he inspects the men. If he finds they've not met his expectations he asks, "Hey! Where's your tie!?"

I'm so blessed to be part of the Worth Baptist Church and to be able to worship and fellowship with some of the most amazing people. I'm so thankful for the friendship of this family. May the Lord bless them richly for all of their kindness and hospitality!
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