Sunday, April 3, 2011

Walk instead of crawl

Exhausted and ready to call it a night, I left the kitchen a mess and came to see what all the commotion was about in the living room.

My cousin Adam had come over for dinner while he was in town and had just stepped out to make a call.

Crouching low on the ground the hubs was cheering and clapping so loudly I can hardly make out what he was saying. "Go Will!! Yay Buddy! Twwwoooo, thhhrreeeee, C'MON bud! Fouuurr, FIVE! AHH!"

He did it. Finally, conquered his fears, stood to his feet and took a few steps of faith. Faith in what?

His Father.

Of course the fact that Tyler was dangling the pacifier in front to lure him to himself had nothing to do with it I'm sure but never-the-less, He DID it!!!

I stood there, tears in my eyes. Every comment from all of the well-meaning friends, "You need to walk, Mister!" or "When's that boy gonna start walking?" they all went out the window. He can do it. He just did. I knew he could. When he was ready.

We've tried a few times since then and he's done 2-3 steps here and there, but only when he's in a good mood and feeling pretty adventuresome. Is he running yet. no. Barely stepping.

And that's ok.

Why do some kids walk at 6 months and others at 16 months? Because we're all different. Our minds and bodies work differently on our own time. It's absolutely amazing. What really amazes me though is the fact that Will had the ability to do this probably for a few days, maybe weeks, but didn't. He didn't act on his ability until he felt safe. Not until he knew he had someone there to catch him, just in case he didn't quite make it. 

His Father.

His father knew he was ready. His father believed the ability was there. He believed that with a little encouragement, Will would stand up on his two little feet and take steps toward him.

Just like Will, I have a Father. I have a Father who watches me stand tall sometimes and other times fall down. He knows me better than I know myself (Ps 139:1-6).

He never asks me to do something that He knows I'm not capable of. Only what He has equipped me to do

He is standing there with His arms open wide waiting for me to step out in faith. He's mighty to save (Zeph 3:17), ready to catch me when I stumble.

Will I trust Him?

Might there be something that God is calling me to do today that only He can do through me? Is there some step of faith that my Father wants me to take that will draw me closer to Himself? If so, Lord, show me what it is. And give me the faith to walk instead of crawl.
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