Friday, March 16, 2012

arms to hold

He is two years of age.
No longer does his body curl up like a round ball in my arms.
And I watch this new one
Wrapped in this pink and white striped gown,
Her deep auburn strands shining in the window light,
And I think, I need to enjoy it;
Every moment that I have.
Because he won't let me do this anymore.
He barely pauses for a hug,
One long enough to satisfy my aching heart.
Our time is so precious
It is truly a gift.
Thank You, Lord
Thank You for this gift
Life and love and happiness is mine.
I don't deserve it.
Help this momma,
My mind to calm
And my heart to feel,
My arms to hold 
And love.
All that You've given
With all that I am.

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