Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blueberry Picking

The phone rang and I answered.  My friend asked if we wanted to go berry picking and I said yes.

Tyler had left for Africa and Will and I were all alone. I truly have some of the best friends in the whole World, keeping me busy so that my mind would be off of being alone.

A few days later we were in a bus headed about 2 ½ hours away to a sweet little jewel of a farm, complete with blueberries, blackberries and catfish. Yes. I said Catfish. I’ll explain later.

We picked and picked until our hands were sore.

Until our children were sweating bullets.

Until our sunscreen wore just about off.

Until I thought I might pass out. From listening to Will cry. Because he was so hot.

Anyway. We had the best time ever picking the berry bushes clean then broke for lunch and headed down to a small pond filled with the ugliest catfish you've ever seen. Will sat and watched them for a good long time. Some of them came so close to the shore to get our fish food that they got stuck and had to use their bellies to scooch back off into the water.

We had a wonderful time and I got a half gallon of blueberries, (that my sweet friend Heather helped me pick :)Thanks, Heather!)

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  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet.....on a multitude of levels!!


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