Saturday, February 12, 2011

"the nefarious napkin thief" and other such stories

So I'm here and not dead. I know, I know. Everyone thought I had completely disappeared. Honestly, I just haven't had the time or subject to write on. I've been telling myself that unless I had an image to go with my post that I shouldn't write. But that's just plain dumb. 

Of course you know I'll pop one in here somewhere, right? 

Today is the Valentine Banquet at our church. It's always so much fun decorating and getting skits ready. But the food and controlling the throngs of teens that show up to help? Not so much. You know when you're telling a teenager to guard the napkins on the tables from the imaginary "Nefarious Napkin Thief" that you're making up jobs just to get them out of your hair. I have to admit, it sounds completely ridiculous, but it really has been done.

I plan on including images from tonight's banquet but here's a lovely one from 2009

Stay Fun! 

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