Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last night was just for fun

So, I had the opportunity to just have fun and let some pre-teen girls soak in thier gorgeousness. Ha ha ha *wink. A friend of mine from church, Brenda, has a cutesie red-mopped daughter, Lexi, turning 13 this week! So she planned for the girls at the party to get a little make-over and then get pics done. Granted, by the time the make-up was done it was 7:50pm. And anyone who knows anything about natural light photography will tell you it's almost impossible to get anything under ISO of 800 after 7:50pm. So what did we do? We just shot at a high ISO and yes...even used a little bit o' flash *GASP, I know. I wouldn't have but, you should've seen thier sad faces when I said it was getting too dark.

So here they are...please don't judge my everyday performance on this. Like I said..."Last night was just for fun".

She is so stinkin cute! Happy Birthday Lex!

Check out her sweet friends!
from left: Lexi, Andrea, Tatum, Mariah, Abi, and Emily

I love her laugh! She's such a happy kid :)

She's in love with her tenni's.

Her mom made this gorgeous, scrum-diddly-umpsious cake!!!

Lexi is a natural in front of the camera. I told her mom that I was sorry we didn't get too many good ones, because of lack of light. But that I would love to do a shoot with just her! As a birthday present :) She agreed, so hopefully I'll be going out again soon...just for fun.

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  1. Awwww....thank you so much, Tori!!! You did such an awesome job. The last picture here made her daddy cry!!!


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