Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Face...

I tried. I really did try to pick a face other than this one, but he's my favorite face.
I love this kid. He has such a sweet spirit and snuggly personality. There's no face in the whole world that I would rather post than this one.

I love his pudgy cheeks...his furrowed brow...his wavy hair...his little turned up nose...his folded hands.

Thanks to the girls over at

for this great opportunity to share a photo of my fave little man...

And to Angie and Amy over at

for guest judging this week!

apeture 1.8
ISO 200

1 comment:

  1. of course you had to pick your baby!! the second i heard about this, i knew i had to put a photo of my baby up too :0) very nice photo!!!!


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