Thursday, August 19, 2010

Maybe If I Will, They Will.

The trip we just took with our Juniors and Seniors was just wonderful. Thanks all of you for making it a blast! Hope you learned a lot from "Leadership 101".

An amazing few days with a few amazing people.


We were screaming and laughing all at the same time. And our laughter whipped past us and flew over the others in back and all the way off the rails. We stood and dismounted the car and headed down the steps that lead away from the coaster. "That was AwEsOmE!" she said.
I knew she would love it. She had never done that before. And she didn't want to do it then. But through trust and a little "peer force, forget peer pressure" she decided to try something new.

Ride after ride, she kept on trying new things. I did too. I rode backwards. I said I wouldn't ever ride backwards. But when the time came, I looked at her, brave, young and stronger than she was yesterday, and said, "If you will, I will." And she did, and I did.

I did it because of what it would do for someone else.

I did it because of my children.

I don't want them to grow up with a mother who "wouldn't" because more than likely that meant, they "wouldn't".
The road home, thick with dust and thoughts and childhood memories and songs, was long and breeded an atmosphere to think, to meditate. And I thought, "I did this because of my children? A silly ride or two, for those who will come behind me? What else will I do for my children?"

The answer came soft and low. It kept resounding through my mind like a bugle calling for the rescue of some lost lamb. Anything. Anything to help my child grow strong, grow full of grace and truth. I want them to be fearless and yet fearing the Father. I want them to be humble and yet bold to proclaim His name. I want them to be kind, tenderhearted and yet stand up against evil, holding forth the Word of Truth.

What if they grow up to not do these things...not fearing Him, not bold, not standing for right. What then? Will it be because I "wouldn't"?

Parents, we must keep standing for the truth. We must live holy, because of Him who is Holy! (1 Pet 1:15-17) Why would our children live for Him, if we are not willing to do so?

God help me to pray. To give my life to what You gave Your Life to. To boldly stand for the things that Your Word teaches!

Maybe if I will, they will.


  1. Have you ever heard the song "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack? It's one of my favorites. Wait until you have a daughter. You suddenly want to be the woman you hope she'll grow up to be. It's really made me think.

  2. Maybe I have in a grocery store or shopping mall, Susan. :) LOL
    Me, having a little girl, who grows up to be just like me...scrary. Thanks for the comment, Susan. You made me think too.


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