Tuesday, June 22, 2010


How many times have I endeavored to begin something and have never done anything at all? I'm not able to recall at the moment. Though, I'm sure that my almost all of my immediate family, close friends and certainly my husband (who is both) could count the times using their hands their toes and their friends hands and toes.

But today...Today is different. I am doing something. Right now, it may not seem like much, but years from now, it will mean the world to me and those who want to know who I was, what my life was about, and how I lived it.

Welcome to my world, Tori Gillit and her Heavenly Calling.


  1. Thank you for allowing us to have a glimpse into what God is doing in your heart. I have much to learn from you, my sweet friend.

  2. You go girl! So proud of you!!

  3. YAY!!! Can't WAIT to

  4. I thank the Lord for you my dear friend. I love you and your sweet baby boy!!! So proud of the wonderful mommy you are, Tori.


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