Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He got way too many toys...

His party was a success...Friends and Family. Relaxed. Fun. Enjoyable.

I finished his Thomas the Train birthday shirt with the big no. 2 on it the night before, helped Gigi decorate and watched as my Mother-in-law transformed her kitchen into a blaze of beautiful and yummy foods. We had meatball & cheese stuffed poppers, pepperoni poppers, Mediterranean kabobs, fruit salad and lots of snacks. Our Pastor and his sweet wife (whom Will likes to call "Weaver") was there and some of Will's favorite adults (Kay-Kay- & Day-Day) were there along with friends to help celebrate.

We fellowshipped and ate and watched Will blow out his candles and ate and talked and ate and opened gifts and ate. And we were going to play games but I decided not to, so we just ate some more.

And really, had the best time in the world.

He got way too many toys.

I feel as if I should donate. But I won't. I'll just save them and open them up a little at a time. And it'll be perfect.

He's so big and I have a whole other post on how big and how his actual birth-day went yesterday. But I'll save that and those pictures for another time...

But for now, the party.

Even though it's basically a rescued photo and looks awful because it's one of the only one's I was able to get of Will and his Preacher, this next image is so precious to me. . My camera has a part missing and I thought it was on the right setting when I took this but it wasn't. Oh well.

I love you, big boy, Will Haddon Gillit. -Momma

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